The Fading New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year and as I enter week #4, I am already strategizing as to how to keep my resolutions from simply becoming a “to do list” for the first week of January! Surly alone I do not stand girls!!!! So what do we do?

Let’s take for instance my number one goal this year – physical wellness… this exact moment it is easy to hide what I am or am not failing to do in this arena as we are all still living in our Comfort Colors sweatshirts with leggings night and day. BUT, spring break is knocking on the door and our efforts, (or lack there of), will be a bit more obvious………..we will be shedding the winter ward robe to head to the beach- and look cute!

So through the lens of spring break coming around the corner, I happened upon an outstanding article that discusses intermittent fasting as a theory / strategy/ lifestyle that I am going to try for awhile to help. The overall idea is calorie reduction….. I love it! Check out the article here Of course, I am not a doctor- just a girl trying to keep what God has given me as young as possible!

For now, we still have some time in our monogrammed sweatshirts and pullovers! So, before breaking the beach bags- let’s stay comfy!

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