Fashion Alert: Fall 2015 It’s All about the Scarf

If you are looking for a singular item that can change a wardrobe Fall of 2015 has got you covered – literally! The scarf for this season has taken on a bold new look and covers so many bases you will be amazed. From knitted and chunky to large blanket plaid scarves, this fall gives so many options as the cool weather starts to move in and take hold.

The chunky knit scarves are all over the catwalks – which is great. They are soft, make us feel so feminine and the versatility is amazing. Pair a monogrammed knit scarf with a pair of jeans and you are good to go for a day at the park with the kids or add it to your favorite blouse and skirt to transition into the “it” professional girl. Chunky knit scarves are hot and a great accessory to have that will give you casual or uptown versatility to any outfit.

Scarf trends for the fall have also reached gigantic proportions – yes, we are talking about the blanket plaid scarf. This is a must have for everybody this year. These plaid blanket scarves can be tied so many ways around your neck and hang differently to give you choices never imagined. Turn your blanket scarf into a shawl, light jacket, or just a looped scarf.

Lastly, all classic girls have to poses at least one designer inspired cashmere. This scarf can be worn everywhere, with any outfit or jacket. This is one that will one go out of style or ever be pushed aside as a “trend”. It is lightweight enough that even the hottest natured gals can enjoy, but is a perfect layering accessory. The designer inspired cashmere scarves are a fashionista necessity.

Fall of 2015 holds a great treasure for us fashion followers – The. Scarf. There will be so much to enjoy this year……it will be a fun ride!

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