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When putting together an outfit, the accessories you choose can change the vibe 180 degrees with the most minor of adjustment.  You can go from serious career girl in the morning with your basic black skirt, white blouse, classy heals and a clean purse to dancing with your friends in the SAME outfit!  Trade the heals for boots, add a sleeveless cardigan with a trendy print over the white shirt, pull your clutch out and leave the larger purse locked in the car!

Depending on the type of look you want to achieve, jewelry will top everything off with precision.  It can be very exhausting (fun, but exhausting) to keep up with the jewelry trends on top of everything else you are trying to coordinate!  WE KNOW!!!!

Over the last two months, I Flew the Nest has vetted the runway in an attempt to translate the catwalk fashions where you see 84 lb. models sporting an elaborate ruffled skirt, that resembles a mermaid, with a top made of Ace bandages adorned with polka dots.  All finished nicely with an orange fur half jacket and what appears to be a peacock in her hair!  Great!  Beautiful!  Wow! (If you belong to a circus).

Since most of our readers want the volume in a range that is a bit more “everyday American”, we are offering you some translations!

First, decide your look – are you going for professional?  Wild? Sweet and innocent? Bohemian?  Whichever you decide, it is fine- but pick your desired outcome and then accessorize accordingly.

Jackie O. famously said, “pearls are always appropriate.”  Perfect for 2015!  You can take Pearl styles and fit them into so many schemes!  If you are going for professional girl, pick a simple monogrammed filigree necklace with pearls attached. If you want to make a bolder statement with your pearls, coordinate the perfect triple strand chocolate pearl necklace with your purse and shoes, a hair updo off the shoulders, and a lower neckline shirt.  The key is to plan your “look” before you get dressed!

Another great choice for pearls is the sweet / innocent girl look.  If you wear a conservative outfit, add a pretty little pearl necklace, you had them at hello!!!  The clover monogrammed necklace with pearls by I Flew the Nest is perfect for this look!

For the girls that want a touch of bohemian…… Pick your outfit then coordinate a single centerpiece accessory.  An excellent choice for this look is the wooden monogrammed necklaces by I Flew the Nest.  Pair them with the right metal or beaded chain and that Bohemian yet classic look is obvious.  For 2015 feathers are HOT so you can even pick some feathered charms to attach to your necklace.

A huge look on the catwalk is the tassel.  Tassel purses, tassel necklaces, bracelets, you name it!  Tassels are a hit.  Take a beautiful pendant and add a tassel to the bottom and you have a fabulous look for a necklace to complete any outfit.  Can you say tasselicious?

Lastly, the bib necklace is still here, but the 2015 version is a bit different.  The bib styles are really diverse in fact.  Where we had a more bubble necklace look last year, this year you will see layers of beads, stones, tassels, or maybe even feathers.  A favorite of I flew the nest is this delicate beaded bib necklace in multi colors.  It is beautiful, yet projects strength, class, and style.

Searching for the hottest jewelry for 2015 will seem like a return to many decades past for some.  There is certainly hippy styles mixed in with 80’s along with some modern styles.  The good news is that there really is something for everyone- you just need to pick your two or three styles and PLAN!

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