Real Girls’ Countdown Guide to The Big Game

Super bowl is the next thing we have to cross off the list this month!  Whether you are going to a get together or hosting a party, there are a few MUSTS that have to be addressed…….

First, like all girls, we have to decide on the outfit.  For the Big Game, keeping it simple is a must for casual Sunday.  Adding a monogrammed scarf to top of a pair of jeans and boots are perfect for this day- CHECK

Next, if you are invited to somebody’s house, it is in fact proper etiquette to bring something as a “gift” or contribution.  This could be wine, beer, flowers, or anything suitable for the host.  I always bring an appetizer on a plate that can be left behind as well as a hostess gift.  This does not have to be expensive, just mindful of your host.   In fact, just last night, I went to a small gathering of friends, brought caramel apple dip (a crazy simple recipe off of Pinterest that takes 10 minutes to prepare), and everybody loved it!  I stopped by The Fresh Market on the way to the party and picked up some tulips that happened to be on special this week for $6.50….I looked so brilliant!  -CHECK

If you are having people over, keep things simple.  The purpose of having these gatherings is to have fun, not create stress!  Make something in the crockpot ahead of time – like chili.  That is something that is liked by all!  Here is the recipe I use that is fool – proof and always a hit You can have some appetizers and sweets to fill in the blanks, but trust me, this recipe is a home run! – CHECK

Well, you can get through the week with a little planning.  Take a deep breath, plan ahead, get your cute outfit to match your monogrammed scarf together, AND never forget……KEEP YOUR SOUTH ABOUT YOU!!

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